Success is not a goal, it is the direction you go ... or vice versa?

The further elaborated concept of the movie part of the project depicts with a visual charm an interesting cruise into short-livedness of insects, the longevity of woody plants and the mediocrity of human life. The fragment was produced with artistic and imaginative effort of an illustrator along with a technician in assistance of a director.

The previsualization of the Laterna Magika stage world unraveles a complex thread of relationships and peculiarities. The protagonist descends among mortals, magicians, spirit mediums in search of employment. He enters the life of the audience for which he has great concern. The dramatic line of the play features a detective exposition leading to a surprising catharsis.

Implementation team

Screenplay and direction: Daniel Pikalík
Script editor: Beáta Drotárová, Michaela Nováková
Assistant director: Michaela Nováková
Scenography and costume design: Michaela Zajačková
Creative participation: Michal Soltész
Voice over: Branislav Bajus
Illustration: Pavol Červeniak
Animation: Simon Meszaros
Production and Collaboration: AteliérBezStropU
Cast: students of KONJA Košice

Project sponsors:
Mgr. Róbert Galovicz principal of the Jozef Adamovič Conservatory in Košice
Mgr. Pavol Hrehorčák director of the Puppet Theater in Košice
MgA. Daniel Pikalík AteliérBezStropU, o.z.

Thank you for all forms of support